Family unity

Personal situations are sometimes so tangled that they seem inextricable … Mary unravels and pacifies the most difficult relationships.


FF – 28/10/2017
i did a second novena. this time, more specific. i finished on oct 24. it dawned on me just now (i’m continuing my third novena for another specific intention related to the first) that yesterday an answer to the second novena came. it was a surprise for me yesterday, but now i reckoned, it’s an answer to my novena. the person i am including in my novena asked if i could check the lyrics of the songs that we need in our presentation. for the past few weeks, he would never ask my opinion because of a misunderstanding that led to cold treatment and giving up.

FF – 16/10/2017
On the last day of my novena (15Oct2017; yes, I started on 07Oct2017 albeit unplanned – I was so down that day and it was timely that I saw again an old photo of Mary Who Unties Knots. I initially told myself to start the following day but pushed myself to start that day because I needed help), an unplanned meet-up with a friend “showed” me what I need to do with my “relationship” with my former bf. This friend also mentioned that there was a chance to spoke with my former bf about his character/attitude in life, which I have been waiting for in years that someone may have the guts to tell him that. Please note that this friend know nothing about what happened with the relationship (at least not from me and not from my ex either because they are simply acquaintances) and this friend just blurted out the topic out of nowhere. Now, I am starting the novena again for a more specific knot. I believe Mother Mary listens and intercedes for prayers. Me of little faith! Praise be to God! F.F.M. 16Oct2017

Eugénie – 30/09/2015
My husband and I were going through difficulties that could have led to a separation (crisis in the home, financial difficulties, unemployment …) but we decided to do this novena together. And early on, peace, harmony and serenity settled naturally in us. The financial difficulties were resolved because I found a full time job. Eugenie 02/10/2014


Father Celeiro is pastor of San Juan Bautista parish in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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